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I Tried Raya, The “Celebrity Matchmaking App,” And Deleted It After 3 Dates

I Tried Raya, The “Celebrity Matchmaking App,” And Deleted It After 3 Dates

I take advantage of Bumble too, but those fits end after a day, which seems too fast

Raya, an internet dating software built to end up being deliberately unique, got very long presented a substantial appeal personally. I heard it was exactly how Amy Schumer satisfied certainly the girl boyfriends, and everybody I understood on it seemed to be complimentary with Pete Davidson. Raya is generally described as a “celebrity dating app,” although throughout limited time I found myself about it, it might have-been much better called a “celebrity online dating app + Ginny.” Yes, I attempted Raya, but decided to delete they after three schedules.

Raya defines it self as a “private, membership-based social networking.” It’s a choice for professional marketing, in addition to online dating. In order to get entry to it, you should be invited by a buddy immediately after which have your visibility authorized by the software via all of them scanning the social media marketing. Despite its networking theme, anyone i am aware in the application utilizes and represent it as a dating app. Nevertheless, I would personally arrive at discover that the uniqueness, as well as the emphasis on expert networking, has the possibility to making Raya a little reduced fun and flirty and a bit more businesses everyday.

I found myself thus excited when Raya approved my profile. I’d heard really about any of it from company, and I also anxiously craved the encourage. My pal invited me personally in , and I began swiping ASAP. In my own first few several months as a Raya app individual, i did not actually use it to be on schedules. I found myself planning to relocate to Los Angeles, therefore I figured I’d date whenever I have indeed there. I still planning it had been really worth the $8.99/month to swipe through to see if I could spot any celebrities (We just watched the roommate’s boyfriend from prefer and a guy I’d found in taxicab movies – uhhhhhmazing).