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Bom dia, Sou brasileira elizabeth estou com grande dificuldade de encontrar essa agulha aui no Brasil

Bom dia, Sou brasileira elizabeth estou com grande dificuldade de encontrar essa agulha aui no Brasil

Clover can make a version of a tambour hook a€“ you might be capable of finding it when you look at the needlecraft section regarding the big field craft stores

Hello, Lisania a€“ I am not sure where you are able to purchase it in Brazil. Within the says, really readily available through Lacis (lacis) and Hedgehog Handworks (hedgehoghandworks)

bour embroidery.. just what programs were ideal for tambour stitches considering the easy elimination. An errant ring prong, hangnail, etc may pulling one or more stitches from the embroidery. Thanks.

Hi, Laura a€“ Tambour embroidery is utilized in every forms of programs, from household linens and decorations to clothing (especially couture garments). If the stops are safe a€“ and presuming you are using an extremely steady, powerful thread a€“ it gets up better to put on and split.

Hi, many thanks for the beneficial & amazing video.i has a concern. Is the tambour embroidery the same as Maggam/Aari jobs, i am talking about usually another identity of maggam operate or they both will vary? For all the tembour embroidery which thread you might be making use of + can straightforward embroidery floss be utilized with this operate? will be the needle used in this has sharp hook and that can a tambour jobs feel best done on slim fabric?

It can be done two other ways, San Francisco escort service Ginny a€“ you’ll be able to take the needle out from the final cycle, leaving the cycle on the top, and push the hook-up from below and pull that final cycle toward again. After that cut the operating bond and move the end through circle from the back and cinch the circle around the thread end.

Or, you can make the past circle right after which draw one added loop through it. Enlarge this added loop, to make sure you bring about two ins of working thread, slice the bond on the side that foliage your two in of employed thread, immediately after which thread the conclusion the working bond through a needle and complete the loop just like you would a chain stitch, by tacking down right throughout the last cycle.