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You were three steps off the home whenever a sound called out of the other side, “Y/Letter, it’s all of us

You were three steps off the home whenever a sound called out of the other side, “Y/Letter, it’s all of us

Their shoulders slumped as you breathed a sigh of save, baton falling towards the top. Crossing a floor, you unlocked the doorway and you can opened they coming face to face on the Mikaelson’s. Your did not say a phrase because you leftover the door discover and you can gone back to their just right the couch, place the newest rod on the coffee-table with a loud clunk.

New sisters help themselves in the, swinging slowly as they grabbed in the county of you and you may their flat. You realized you searched awful. Locks greasy and gnarled, eyes bloodshot, and you will face drowned during the. You had not showered when you look at the weeks, barely dinner or consuming, the constant anxiousness more your making you restless and sick.

Rebekah seated near to you, the girl hand sleeping on your leg which had been rapidly jumping upwards and you can off. Your looked up within their which have rips pooling on the eyes, their eyes heavier that have matter and you will despair. “Y/N. ” She asked carefully.

You to question try most of the they took for you to bust into tears. All the thinking that were simmering in you on the past two weeks in the long run boiled over. Your were not able to prevent the barrage regarding tears and you will sobs long enough to resolve the lady. Rebekah is short to link their possession surrounding you and you will remove you towards the an embrace, hand soothingly friction up and down your back as you sobbed into the lady boobs.

“And do not you challenge say nothing. You have not replied any kind of our very own phone calls otherwise messages inside the months, while open the entranceway holding a bloody firearm!” Nik shouted.

Will you be ok?

Deep down your know he had been just alarmed, nevertheless would not assist but wince at the his tone. Sighing, Nik took a seat on your other hand, “I’m sorry to have increasing my sound.